General Questions

In the case you have received an SMS saying we will attempt the delivery today, we try our best to ensure an attempt on the same day. However, since our courier riders have several shipments to deliver on a single route, we cannot give you the exact time he will reach your address. Rest assured, our field executive will call you before reaching your address and you can coordinate with him to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

Our courier riders spend most of their time riding their bikes and delivering your shipments. Hence they are unable to attend phone calls most of the time. In order to avoid accidents, delays and misunderstandings we avoid sharing their contact details. However, it is important for us to know your concern, and therefore we have a dedicated customer care center with us.

Large call volumes cannot be handled by our local branches, most of which have only one or two telephone lines. However, to ensure that you have a smooth experience, we have a dedicated customer care center to help you resolve any query or complain

Our courier riders will call you in case he is unable to locate your delivery address / it is your work address / if you stay in a society where outsiders are not allowed to enter without authorization.

It states where is shipment currently.

Our field executive is on the job until 6 pm for home addresses and 4 pm for office addresses. But at times, deliveries later than these are also made

This could be because of two reasons:

1) A typing error, please recheck the number and try again.

2) The physical shipment has not been handed over to us by the consignor whilst we have received the data with the pre-assigned CN.. Kindly contact the consignor in this case.

Real time Tracking is a service provided by us which can help you can track the movement of the delivery vehicle as well as the details of courier rider on Google Map

Yes, we do. Conditions applied*

You can call us at UAN (Monday to Saturday, 9 AM TO 6 PM).

UAN # +92 3 111 222 917

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